Project oriented in an Agile World

We truly live in an agile world. An ever changing and fast paced world where we continuously are pushed to make quick and strategic decisions to be able to keep up and move forward among the rivals.

Project driven organizations are getting more common and established in corporations to meet the requirements of the competitive business environment. A true project driven organization is ready to manage risks and adapt to changes.

WHY is being project oriented so important today?

– Flexibility and adaptability towards an agile world/environment
– Strong risk management
– Helps you break down objectives an turn them into SMART goals

It is important to see a project as a piece which need to fit into the overall picture.


What kind of effects do we want? What are our output goals?

It is important to match it with your/the organization’s vision and overall strategy!

In fact you should start with that first, before setting up the projects.

Keep the destination, in other words where you are heading, and the big picture in mind.


You can read an article about the importance of not only using SMART goals but also having outcome goals here.

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