Move with Agility

Hey there, fellow explorer!
I'm Laila.


Move with Agility is about enabling ‘A New Way of Living’ where there is vitality, sustainable growth and empowerment to be uniquely you and move forward in a way that matters to you – whatever you choose to do or wherever you choose to live and work from. 

I connected with the idea of moving with agility through my own adventures, explorations and movement. It is based off the different worlds that I have been moving in and through the last two decades.

At its core, I see it to be a holistic way that involves body, mind and soul — a path where we can return to our true nature while discerning and remaining resilient in a modern world that may not always align with our biology or soul. 

What else? I am myself a deep squat lover, big contemplator and natural movement enthusiast. These are some of the things that are weaved into my every day life – habits such as exploration of natural movement along with other things like barefoot walking, cold plunges, journaling and more. Where I possibly can, I do my best to start off my mornings with the energy of connection and creation – to go on from there and face our modern world.

Throughout this journey, I’ve delved deep into my own inner work and I am now supporting others on their journey. I really know what difference it can make to have someone support you – and I am now here wholeheartedly offer it too.

🌱What drives me? A genuine curiosity about life, discovering more of our true nature and enabling ourselves to live and be more in flow (where we are more in a state of agility, vitality and full body presence).

Credentials – Corporate related

  • Several agile leadership & agile coaching certifications
  • Extensive training & experience in product management and agile – across Digital Health startups, corporates & governments
  • Lived and worked across India (2011), Singapore (2013) and Australia (2013-202, work in tech and digital health industries
  • Master in Medical Informatics (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm), 2010 
  • Exchange studies in Singapore (NUS) & China (Fudan), 2009-2010
You can learn more and connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Credentials – Wellbeing & Mind/Body/Soul 

  • Somatic (TRE) bodywork provider – in training & certification expected Q2 2024
  • Certified Life Coach (Beautiful You Coaching Academy) and awarded as a BYCA Trainee of The Year 2022 finalist
  • Certified trauma-informed space holder (certificate of completion for Cultivate)
  • Certified Fitness Trainer (cert III in Fitness)
  • Certified (200h) yoga teacher
  • Selected to the Women Athletes Business Network (WABN) mentoring program in 2015 & Sport Campus Sweden in 2009, as a Taekwondo elite athlete
  • Trained the Korean martial Taekwondo arts for more than a decade – competed, acted as a referee in competitions & volunteer trainer for small groups of young people

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