Ready To Experience The Movement And Gift Of Agility?

Explore the path to cultivating agility in order to overcome the challenges of our fast-paced modern world, that may not align with our biology and soul. 

My coaching is tailored for ambitious, adventurous and sensitive souls like yourself – who want to break free from excessive stress and pushing too hard as you go for what matters to you.


Experience the Movement

A Two week container Designed To ‘Move’ You.

Move forward with renewed energy and clarity. 

We will connect and establish where you are at and where you want to go, based on your questionnaire responses. We will then focus on what really matters right now, what gets in the way and how to best move forward with the next steps in a grounded and sustainable way.

This includes:

• Discovery questionnaire to fill out before we start our session designed to bring awareness, clarity and insights.

• A 90 minute session, including mindfulness + embodiment practices to support grounding, expression and movement.

• A 30 min check-in call after two weeks to support contemplation and groundedness on your path.

• A post session check-in via email to help integrate learnings after 4 weeks.

This is for you: if you don’t need a full coaching series, you just need a ‘sparring partner’ to help you initially move forward with your vision and goals with renewed energy.

Your investment: One-off payment of €200.

Move with Agility Series

A Program Of 3 Months Coaching Support.

How do you maintain curiosity and openness while staying focused on what truly matters to you, especially in today’s modern and increasingly distracted world? How can this be done without the excessive stress, pushing and forcing? This is what Move with Agility series is about.

This includes:

• Discovery questionnaire to fill out before we start coaching to bring initial awareness, clarity and insights.

• Six coaching sessions, every second week, consisting of:

      – 1 x 90 minutes initial goal setting session
      – 4 x 60 minute coaching session
      – 1 x 75 minutes final completion session

• Small grounding and mindfulness practices weaved into the sessions. 

• Integration support in between sessions, including a personalised self-reflection tool.

This is for you: if you want to move beyond the initial starting point in connecting with your goals and vision, and delve deeper into your journey. You’ll receive ongoing support and accountability while nurturing vitality, resilience, and trust on your path. 

Your investment: Three monthly payments of €300 or one-off payment of €900 for the whole coaching series.

My Core Belief: The answers we seek already is within us; we simply need to listen a bit more deeply each day. You have the power to connect with your own inner wisdom and creator within. 

Regardless of which package or option you choose, you can expect the following:

    • Co-created Brave Space: Together, we build a space where you can courageously explore new paths and embrace change intentionally, guiding you forward with clarity and trust.
    • Commitment: You get what you put in, but you can also count on receiving incredible support – where you are deeply heard and empowered to allow and create change in your life.
    • Celebration: We make time to pause, breathe and celebrate – honouring your wins and the journey that brought you here (in a fast-paced world that constantly pushes for more).
    • Eye-opening Questions & Reflections: You’re empowered to access your inner wisdom through thought-provoking questions, self-inquiry, and reflective practices.
    • Holistic Approach: We involve mind and as well as the body’s wisdom. This includes grounding, embodiment, and mindfulness techniques, laying the foundation for lasting change.The answers we seek reside within us; we simply need to listen a bit more deeply each day. You possess the power to tap into your inner wisdom and innate creativity.

Unsure if this is right for you or which offering suits you best at this time? I’d love to connect and support you in your exploration and decision making. 

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