Communicating in Knowledge Society

We live in a fast and increasingly complex world where we
are overwhelmed by the information overflow on a daily basis.

don’t have time to gather and absorb all the information we receive. Therefore it is more
important than ever to have efficient statements and present information in an
effective way.

We want to increase awareness, get recognized and convey a clear
picture of what we communicate.

Elevator pitches are for an instance suppose to grab anyone’s
attention in less than a minute. This forces us to really assess our purpose and accentuate the key points. It makes us search for a clear focus in our message.

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Twitter is actually a great example of pitching. What makes Twitter unique is that whatever you want to say you need to find a way to communicate it with a maximum of 140 characters. Only being able to use 140 characters forces you to think through your message and choose your words carefully. You find an example below of one of my tweets.

I will in upcoming blog posts share some knowledge about the information management world on how to communicate and structure information in a clear and simple way.

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