Common project challenges

The reason for project failure is seldom correlated to one specific reason.

There are various dimensions and factors to keep in mind.

Our starting point is seldom a blank canvas.
There is always a history and background attached to the organisation behind the project. A proper project plan should essentially cover this part.

We start driving the old car before we ensure that we are equipped with the
right knowledge of its history combined with clear understanding of where to go, how to get there and why we are going there in the first place.

Before we know it, we found ourselves lost in the forest of messy requirements and misunderstandings.

To truly understand a problem you need to break it down to its root cause.

Once again it is about asking the right open-ended questions, simplifying and digging deeper:

  • WHAT?
  • WHY?
  • HOW?

And then we have The Change Process, which consists of an iterative cycle :

(1) Awareness , (2) Assessment, (3) Prioritisation and (4) Action.


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