Transitions and new chapters

Here I am once again, finding myself at that transition point and at the doorstep of a new chapter.

Last time I wrote on this blog was in 2013. I had started writing some posts because I was at a similar stage in my life – in transition mode and about to start a new chapter in a new country. My thirst for knowledge and growth was what brought me here in the first place.

Although the blog writing didn’t last that long then, it did serve a purpose while it lasted. And I guess I found other avenues for feeding that thirst for growth and learning at that point in time.

Now I can’t promise myself or anyone that this writing will last any longer. But it is a big step to just get started and actually do something about that need of expression and wanting to share progress and thoughts on all things growth, personal development and optimal health (physical and mental).

At this very moment of writing I do feel excitement for what it can be and embrace that present feeling. Let’s see where this takes us.


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