Staying open & showing up differently

It’s been a week of showing up differently. I’ve been exploring, learning and connecting with others in new ways. Because of these (sometimes even subtly) different experiences and perspectives, I’ve had some wonderful insights and aha moments come to me and connected some dots.

As long as I live, I hope I remember to never loose the ability to stay open and curious. To stay open to a New Day & New Way, to experience the unfolding of the journey and the magic that comes with it.

🌿🌱 How can you pause, connect and acknowledge something about yourself and a learning you’ve recently had?

Read my previous post on the notion and idea of what being and staying open to a New Day & New Way is about and what agility got to do with it. These are realisations that came to me while hiking through the beautiful Cape-to-Cape track in the beautiful nature of the Margaret River region during a continuous six day immersion hike about three months ago.

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