Reflections from the track – Open to a new day & a new way

About two months ago I was fortunate to experience a full and continuous six day immersion in the beautiful nature of the Margaret River region. This time I took on the challenge of the well known Cape-to-Cape track, accompanied with someone close to my heart.

There is a magic that is only experienced during a true immersion and when you surrender to the nature around you. The longer the better. As I move in nature, I put one foot in front of the other, over and over again. I find the constant ‘mind chatter’ ease up and I start getting into flow with my body and in tune with the green surroundings. I start feeling more presence, but I also notice reflections and insights coming to me as I move with the pace of nature.

As I was moving, I was reminded to stay open and agile.
What came to me was the notion of planning in life. In life, we may plan in detail and try to anticipate what’s to come. But as we explore new paths in various ways we may enter a world of uncertainty, ambiguity and even complexity. Whether it is physical or mental, and whether it is personal or business related.

No matter how much we plan, conditions are constantly changing.

I experienced it first hand on the hiking track. In personal life and in corporate world. The way rigidity, a fixed mindset and getting too stuck in a detailed plan can get in the way of life and our ability to respond in a way that matters. This is not to say that we throw the plans out the window. Plans are and can be powerful, and are needed in every way. But it is more about the HOW and challenging the way we approach it.

How can we stay on course for where we want to go and still remain open to the opportunities and challenges that present themselves along the journey?

🌿🌱 Foster Agility.
Foster agility, both in mind & body.

For the ability to stay open, flexible and adapt to our ever changing nature. Internally and in the external world. So we can meet ourselves and/or our business where it is truly at, stay in touch with the bigger picture and priorities. Responsiveness over reactivity. So we can face and embrace the beauty of a new day and potentially a new way.

This may be a big area to unpack with a lot of nuances. I hope to keep bringing different worlds and perspectives together, and share more on this with you soon.

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