Bringing different worlds together – aren’t we all?

Bringing different worlds together”.

This thought has popped into my mind more than once. I’ve always been intrigued by this idea and notion. But what does it mean? What do I mean?

Having parents originally from Morocco, myself being born and raised in Sweden and then having lived in Australia a big part of my adult years is one way. It is one way different worlds come together – in a cultural sense. They speak about third culture kids. Moving between different cultures from a young age and being exposed to a greater volume and variety of cultural influence.

For me, “Bringing different worlds together” includes the cultural aspect but it also goes beyond it. It isn’t just about where you come from but all the different walks of life and different paths you experience throughout your journey. Life is not only not linear, but we experience going down different pathways, exploring and learning about different things. No one is like you, because it is impossible to walk the exact same paths. Sometimes we try to “adhere” or think we “should” walk a specific path and follow in someone’s footsteps – and we may do so. Nothing wrong with that. But I bet you, you will still experience your own perspectives that are unique to you. You’ll find yourself leaving your own footsteps, as you follow on what you think is the same path.

Lastly, an aspect that also intrigues me is being multidisciplinary, being in the intersection of different fields and bringing system thinking to our every day life and work. New areas emerge and we may solve problems and pain points in a way that was previously not possible or considered.

Where different worlds meet: Honk Kong trip in 2019 to do a 10 day Vipassana retreat – East meets West and City meets Nature

So aren’t we all bringing different worlds together?

May we dare to follow the nudges, embrace our uniqueness and listen to that voice within full of ideas and different way of doing things. May we get in touch with ourselves, life and find creative outlets for our expressions.

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