Keep the big picture in mind

The brain naturally want to generalize from a narrow point of view. We need to step back to see the big picture. Be aware of the world around you, view patterns and analyze whatever comes out of that.


1. Competitive business environment.

To generally be able to compete in any industry you need to be aware and perform environmental scanning every now and then. It is all about asking the right questions and making the right decisions.

a. Managing projects

As a project manager you need to constantly be aware of the environment around you. In fact that is most probably one of your bigger missions as a leader. You are acting as a hub and pulling the strings around you.

b. Managing change and uncertainties

Managing change is closely related to the points above. In fact it is a crucial part of any business. Those who put more emphasis on planning and risk management will more likely be able to manage change and uncertainties better and effectively.


To summarize the whole blog post I would like to dedicate the content above to the term proactivity. If we manage to step back more often and see the big picture it will sure support the progress of becoming more proactive and boost our performances. At work and in life in general.

Taking charge of our lives so we can accelerate our progress!




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