The “Fight rope” story

A story about satisfaction, practical use and wisdom from the gained skill of using a skipping rope.

The skipping rope is today an incredibly important element in my training and first choice when it comes to endurance and conditioning training.

There is nothing like starting from scratch with zero knowledge and getting a new and permanently lasting skill as an outcome. It’s all about the time you take and effort you make to create, grow and finally fine tune a skill.

Learning to master the skipping rope is something that means and will always mean a lot to me because of that.

I was introduced to the art of the skipping rope a few years ago in one of my weekly Taekwondo classes back home in Sweden. Having no previous experience (not even from back in early school years), I found myself pretty useless and struggling in my first attempts.

You know how you sometimes see someone skilled do it so easily and smooth, you make the conclusion that you somehow will pick it up quickly and become a pro today as well. The journey of learning can be pretty painful if you come in with this mindset.

Despite lacking anything that might remotely resemble a talent in skipping, I found myself keeping up with training several times a week. It helped that our trainer reserved some time for warming up this way. There is also nothing like training with a group that encourages each other.

After quite a few weeks, the progress started showing. What looked like a disaster in the beginning became a habit and performed with a strong flow.

It is about personal growth in learning a new skill.

The “Fight Rope” story is a metaphor for “Practice makes perfect” which can be applied and used in many and various life situations. The skipping rope will always be an analogy for that to me.

If you are keen on learning how to master the skipping rope as well, remember – If I could learn it, you can too!

Bringing the skipping rope with me everywhere I go.

p.s The expression “Fight rope” is something I came up with and decided to use since I associate the word fight with the disciplined and energising martial art world.

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