(Balancing) Consumption vs Creation

I’ve always been fascinated about information management and in the past aware of how overflow of information in today’s modern society can be quite overwhelming. As I am always thirsting for that knowledge and growth, I have to admit that I am guilty of sometimes filling the white space in my days with consumption of books, podcasts and social media posts.

Something that has been on my mind a fair bit lately has been my level of creativity and how much time is spent creating vs consuming in my personal life. I am currently doing a Design Sprint to develop some of my personal business ideas, where your creativity is key and influences the quality of what you produce. I am noticing how too much consumption gets in the way of me allowing space for my own creativity, insights and truth. I feel that it takes me away from the state of flow and the sought after “creation mode”.

Trying to balance consumption vs. creation to birth some new business ideas during this week’s design sprint.

I have also found myself becoming more conscious about my consumption of information from the angle of mind-body connection. As I am in a phase of doing more meditation and yoga, the heightened awareness has made me more mindful of how it feels in my body when I consume various sources of information. I have felt that media sometimes activates anxious feelings or depletes my energy. I learnt from the Holistic Psychologist that the body’s nervous system also consume it. I can see how the risk of a dysregulated nervous system could potentially influence our level of creativity.

Taking the right information in and learning is crucial, but so is allowing space for ideas and creations to take shape. So here’s a little nudge for being conscious about your consumption of information and your own relationship between consumption vs. creation.

Things I have personally used this week on a daily basis to boost creativity, become more intentional and reduce consumption: keeping up daily 15-30 min meditations, shorter yoga sessions and experimenting with morning pages.

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