The power of the “mental health set”

When was the last time you felt a little low on energy? Or perhaps even slight feelings of self-doubt creep in during your work day or in the middle of a creative phase?
And I am not only referring to those days when you may have simply felt like you needed to catch up on sleep.

What did you do to feel re-energised and more positive when you experienced this low energy and/or self-doubt?

Chances are you reached out for another coffee, or perhaps you even went to bed and had a nap. Nothing wrong with that, and both those things have their place and serve a purpose when needed. Particularly having a rest and a nap when needed.

But what if you were feeling low on energy not because you were actually tired or needed more rest?

What I have kept observing during a long period of time though is the power of just moving your body, even if just for a short time. I call it a “mental health set”. I have witnesses how the power of just doing a set of body weight exercises, lifting a pair of dumbbells or swinging a kettlebell in short intervals during 10-20 minutes can have a positive impact and shift your state of mind. Sometimes, I’ve even gone for the skipping rope!

I have not felt the motivation to do so in these situations, but I have recalled the memory of how good I feel after getting the that movement happing. I witness the shift in my body and how that low energy and self doubt moves through me and leaves as the minutes add up.

A “mental health set” with a view

As I experience resistance within me, I make it really easy and just tell myself “Just do one set. Just do one set only to feel good”. I remove the pressure of doing anything exceptional or performing, as I know this set is for my mental health and to bring me back to a good headspace.

There are recent studies that show the connection between our brain and body, and how it is a “two-way street” where movement can change your brain and vice versa. Read How simply moving benefits your mental health by Harvard Health Publishing, if you want to dive into deeper perspectives.


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