Enter ‘A New Way of Living’ era

Imagine a place where creativity, health and joy is flowing in areas that really matter to you and your partners, on mutually beneficial terms, and have an impact.

On this journey, whether you are co-creating through an employer or with your customers as a business owner, partnerships are entered into only where people and their wellbeing is a priority and preferences are considered. Because of this you feel so full of energy and oh so driven by purpose. Where there is agility and freedom, there is also a healthy focus and flow. You and your co-creation partners have found the symbiosis, trust and alignment. There is so much clarity and a positive mindset which benefits all parties.

Imagine a place where creativity, vitality and joy are flowing in areas that really matter to you and your partners. An enabling partnership on mutually beneficial terms, with focus on impact and growth while staying agile on the journey.

You are driven by purpose and prioritise the results of things that matter to you as well as your health and joy OVER just output and “getting things done”. Principles of design are constructed to let your perspectives and priorities in life to be expressed and taken into account. It doesn’t matter where you connect or work from as long as you plan and design for it and it serves you both. Your “peak hours” of when you feel and do your best is valued and respected. You find and leverage your own versions of transparency, inspection and adaptation.

When you are truly well, you do well. Because it all starts with you as an individual. When you are provided the resources and the support for Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose then you don’t just see motivation but also magic and true commitment happen. I’ve experienced some of this first hand while being supported by leaders that embrace servant leadership and growth mindset. We are with strong and healthy foundations, mindset and values able to overcome whatever challenges a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world may throw at us.

Freedom to work from anywhere

This is something that has been on my mind and needed to be expressed for some time. With the circumstances that are going on in the world of today, some things have come up to the surface and become more evident. It has been mentioned that today’s wealth is freedom. I acknowledge the privileges and choices some of us have in exploring and discovering new ways of living, that can benefit us as a whole better on all levels. A way that does not just look at “Future of work” but also a more integrated way of life.

I was pleased to come across Atlassian’s article It’s time to stop measuring productivity and the statement “Output over time is a good way to measure the impact of machines, not knowledge workers”, thanks to a previous client and friend. Being a supporter of Agile, Lean Product Management and Growth Mindset in my professional as well as personal life I think it is timely to question status quo and look at releasing what is no longer serving us in a Knowledge Society.

Unlocking creativity and flow, little by little

I am excited about what the future can bring, while doing my best to stay grounded with what can be done right now and embrace this very moment.

Stay tuned on this exploration journey and in uncovering the “New Way of Living” approach. I look forward to and will share more perspectives as well as personal stories, as I unlock more of my own freedom, creativity and flow. I will do my best to stay open minded and embrace the beginner’s mind in my own write ups and allow mistakes and lessons learned to take place.

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