A sacred space for you

Imagine a sacred space. A sacred space just for you. A space to just be, and be fully you. It is a place of peace, calm and feeling safe. It is a place to return and retreat to when you need space and time for yourself.

It may feel like a warm comforting hug, or it may be a tap on the shoulder of encouragement. It may feel like an activating kick in the butt. Or it may just mean presence and awareness. It may be just your soul calling for more peace and stillness. It is there for you always, however that may look like for you.

Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again

– Joseph Campbell

Let’s explore some possibilities! How about:
– Finding a nice, private space in your home for some mindfulness, whether it is yoga, journaling or meditation
– Finding (or creating) some white space in your calendar, to have time for yourself during your work day. Whether it is doing something creative, active or simply laying in a cozy space scratching your head
– Going on a weekend getaway somewhere green and calm every now and again to change environment and refresh our perspectives
– Going on regular dates with yourself, where you go exploring your creativity and experiencing flow more often
– Finding an activity or hobby help release stress and recharge your batteries
– Exploring a combination or all of the above.

As you may have gathered, this sacred space can be anywhere or whatever you want it to be.  It stands not only for the need of a physical space but equally symbolises the mental space we provide ourselves. We get busy, and we get involved with the things we love, the things we need to do and with those we love. It is a natural part of life whether we are dedicating time to our family, partner, work or business. Those things are important and mean a lot to us.

A sacred space can support us in connecting with ourselves, whether it is the mind, body or soul. It can support us in staying grounded while explore different aspects of ourselves, such as thoughts or feelings. It may even serve us as a stress release and help us recharge our batteries.

This sacred place is now calling your name. How can you create it, for you?

If you are looking for some tips on how to create a physical sacred space in your home, check this handy blog post and quote out by Simple Minded:
“Making your sacred space will be a personal process that’s based on your intuition and inspiration.”


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