Hang in there

Are you hanging in there?

This is something I have been exploring more and more recently in this VUCA and sedentary world. Yes, literally.

“Hanging in there”, connecting with nature and my younger self while in Karijini ♥️🌿

Did you know that by hanging, you let your shoulders experience their full range of motion while stretching out and decompressing your spine?

Other positives (to name a few):
🌿 Create movement variety and upper body alignment
🌿 Allow the shoulders and lats muscles to relax
🌿 Increase bone density in your wrists
🌿 Improve your grip strength and endurance
🌿 Opportunity to breathe, be present and mindful
🌿 You get to connect with your inner child!

You can do a passive hang from a bar, rings or a door frame. Or how about going out in nature and finding yourself a beautiful tree in the middle of the green? As with anything new, start small and perhaps explore hanging for a few seconds and keep increasing time each day. Once you feel ready, maybe you can even take upon the challenge of swinging yourself like a little monkey 🐒

Get away from your desk now, and hang in there ♥️ – Stay agile, stay healthy!


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