Integrating squats into daily life

Welcome to my SQUAT station!

Integrate squats into daily life

This is where I bring and integrate squats into daily life.

Whether it is having a break from the conventional work desk and finding a low table to get the body out of the chair. Or squatting while having a meal. Or whilst being out in nature.

Why squatting, you may ask.
🌱 Squatting is actually a natural resting position, which was a part of our ancestors’ daily life (still is in some countries).
🌱 It supports mobility and makes us more agile (think ankle, knee & hip joints). With better mobility and being more agile we reduce risk of injury significantly, especially as we get older.
🌱 Our internal organs are “massaged”and stimulated that positively impacts the digestion. We get a “happier tummy”.
🌱 It helps our bowel movement and going to the toilet is easier. If you do see a squatting toilet, it is actually good for us (not what my younger self used to think when spending summers in Morocco with this as an only option).

If you are up for the challenge of integrating this into your life – start small. Even starting with 1 minute a day will take you far. Then add gradually more time. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and heels on the ground – but listen to the body if it feels too uncomfortable. Micro steps matter, accumulate and build up to proper flow and momentum eventually 💃🌱

More squats and mobility to the people!

Movement is life ♥️ (and directly influences overall health, pleasure and independence)

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