Start of day creation, before consumption

What if we could PAUSE, BE STILL, MOVE, CREATE before consumption (and before facing any potential distractions of the day)?

Walk & swim first thing?

Every now and again during the week, I take out 2-3 hours first thing for myself, without turning on or checking my phone. The earlier the better for me. No consumption whatsoever in those first hours. I prioritise and create space to be, move and create more deeply before consumption. Today was one of those days.

How this may look :
🌱 Stillness: Meditation first thing, where I simply sit and scan the body in silence. Sometimes I feel like moving and stretching first, so this may happen after.
🌱 Movement: Moving my joints and stretching with basic mobility exercises combined with ashtanga sun salutations. We need this regularly, and especially as we grow older. I mix and flow with it more now, but when starting off it helped to follow a set routine. This may happen at home or outdoors if I feel like it.
🌱 Grounding: Doing a barefoot walk around the little ‘island’ I currently live on (or forest, if close) and jumping into the waters (lake or ocean if close) regardless of if it is sunny or not..
🌱 Expression: Morning pages (free flow) journaling for introspection, creativity to flow and just letting whatever needs to come out, to come out on paper.

Helpful perspectives (for me):
🌱 Feel into your Needs: I’m constantly learning to feel into and discern what I actually need for the day vs. what I think I want. So each day may look slightly different in terms of order, time and where I do my activities.
🌱 Build Trust: Did I just wake up one day and started doing this? No, I take time to explore different ways that feel supportive and start very small with any new habit. In the beginning, having a structure and challenge in the right dose (applying progression) plays a big part in establishing a habit.
🌱 Show up with Agility: Can I still make it happen during busy or challenging days/times? Yes it is possible, do a ‘micro version’ of it. Letting go of ‘all or nothing’ mentality helps. Don’t beat yourself if you miss a day. Allow today, be in touch with where you are, learn and let tomorrow be a new day.
Approach with Intention: Dare to slow down and allow the space to reflect, see progress and learnings as well. We want to allow space for integrating the new ways of being, learnings and insights that comes with the journey, so we can move forward in a way that is thoughtful, meaningful and that matters to us.

🌿 What is your own version of allowing space for yourself in the morning, before consumption?
🌿 Right now, with the resources and circumstance you have in front of you, what can you prioritise and get started with?

Try, explore and see for yourself.  ♥️

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