Movement creates Movement


Put yourself in movement.

I mean physical movement, first.

First thing, or just after your stillness practice.

Before you think too much and get into your head.

See, movement in body can create movement in mind.

The context, experience and example I am speaking of right now is when you want to cultivate the space and energy for creation and creativity. When you want to allow space for new things and new ways, that require creativity and different ways of seeing things.

The body is wise, so connect with it and listen.

I’ve experienced some beautiful bigger picture ideas and visions come to me while moving through and being immersed in nature for longer hikes. I’ve also experienced lightbulb moments when swinging my skipping rope, side to side, and feeling the flow. Not always of course. Sometimes the movement simply helped me move through some emotions, with distance and perspective.

In movement and experiencing flow, while swinging the skipping rope from side to side.

This is not a recipe to ‘succeed’ in becoming more creative. It is an invitation to explore though.

Explore different ways of moving that light you up or dare to try something completely different and experience yourself slowly progressing. New things, new perspectives. Be open and curious. With this openness, you may be totally surprised!


Question for you if you have been very focused on mindset work and pushing yourself to get into creation mode or ‘achieving’ certain results:

🌱 What if you could just dare to let go of control and allow yourself to get into more intentional movement from time to time and explore what comes out of it?

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