Bringing Different worlds together – Stay tuned for new ways, coming your way!

In this last week, you could read my initial perspective about my Design Sprint week experiment on the blog. Things have been unfolding, and keep unfolding, in this continuous learning journey. As I also shared here, although for challenging, I am allowing things I want to do to take some time. As I continue to coach myself (with the support of some incredible people) to take a step forward, I do my best to move with agility and approach things with awareness.

With that said, I wanted to come on here and say: Stay tuned for what’s to come and to be shared in this space, as I continue to bring different worlds together in my little Knowledge Society.

On what timeline, and when, I cannot tell.

What is certain is new ways, coming your way, soon!

A little teaser on what may be coming soon.

Bringing Different worlds together, aren’t we all? Read my initial reflections and previous blog post on this topic here.

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