the Space & the Movement

Let everyone have their experience. Just the way it is. Be with your experience and let everyone else have their experience just the way it is. Let it happen and experience the movement.

We forget to listen. Listen inwards and outwards. Let everyone have their experience. Just listen. Don’t say anything. At first. Explore this. Explore this with yourself and others. We are constantly rushing to say something. Something helpful, soothing or clever. It often comes from a good place. We want to help and we want to share. And there is of course a place for that too. But what if we could also explore ourselves and others in this way. Explore the openness and spaciousness. A neutral space, for the listening heart and open mind.

This (inner and outer) space could act as a mirror. A place were you were constantly asked to turn back to yourself, your body and your inner world. To connect with and be reminded of your voice and innate, inner compass. Over and over again.
What if you could let yourself just be, pause and explore this. Sometimes in a fun and playful way. Sometimes more seriously.
However you were, whatever you were going through or feeling, you would always be welcomed. Welcomed to show up just the way you are. Honestly, authentically and real. Be with yourself fully, know yourself deeply, accept your full self. Feel everything you don’t want to feel, let others too, and move through it and forward.

Experience this space and its openness, and you will experience the movement.

📸: perhaps a glimpse of what is to come and to be explored with you soon? No timeline, no musts. It will come through when it comes through.

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