Move with Agility



How can we allow ourselves to be the beginner again…
…with patience yet hunger?
…by daring to slow down and take the time needed, to then later speed up?
…from a place of a longer term perspective and respecting the time it takes to hone a craft?
…by letting ourselves make mistakes and learn from it?
…remembering to have fun and celebrate small things along the way?

I ask this, because at times I TOTALLY forget how to be one – how to allow + embrace it. Even if it may seem like a simple thing, I forget and need the reminder.

It shows up in different ways on my journey as I continue exploring new things…in growing as a person, coach, somatic work practitioner, early stage startup founder etc.
Even in just playing with drawing this message up in a more visual way on my reMarkable (see image).

drawing and a visual of the words awareness, acceptance & choice

Openness, curiosity + trust ❤️

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